Major Advantages of Wind Energy

Massive global warming due to the use of fossil fuels has motivated many people around the world to consider the generation of alternative power through wind turbines. The Wind is one of the most popular sources of environmentally friendly energy. Essentially, it’s a form of solar energy that’s triggered by uneven heating of the earth’s atmosphere, earth’s surface irregularities, and rotation of the earth. Wind energy is environmentally friendly in that it doesn’t emit any toxins like fossil fuels do. In countries such as the United States, Denmark, India, Germany and Spain, wind energy projects are already in extensive deployment. Like any other source of energy, wind energy has its unique set of benefits.

  1. A renewable form of energy – the wind provides a renewable form of energy, which means it can’t be depleted (or rather, it can be produced again and again). Fossil fuels that are currently in use will certainly expire in the foreseeable future. Since wind energy is continuously replenished, it has immense potential.
  2. Reduces fossil fuel consumption – the world can significantly cut down its dependence on fossil fuels by turning to wind energy. Indeed, wind energy is a crucial answer to the ever increasing demand for petroleum and gas products. More so, this environmentally friendly source of energy can help curb the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses that significantly lead to global warming.
  3. Less pollution – wind energy is the cleanest form of renewable energy used in many developing and developing countries to meet their electricity demand. It doesn’t pollute at all. It will exist so long as the sun is there, and doesn’t release toxic gasses or destroy the environment. Wind turbines (used to convert wind into electricity) are mostly installed in coastal areas, mountain gaps, and plain areas where the flow of wind is strong, steady and reliable! Since wind energy leads to less pollution in both water and air, it cuts down the risk of dangerous disease outbreaks and contributes to a healthier environment all the same.
  4. Initial cost – over the last few years, the cost of production for wind energy has dramatically scaled down. The biggest part of the cost is often attributed to the installation of wind turbines. The land used for the wind turbines can also be utilized for other purposes such as agriculture. Considered its low cost, it provides a reliable, cheap and steady source of energy for both emerging and developed economies.
  5. Extra savings – landowners can enhance their profitability by installing wind turbines on land that’s already used for other purposes. The electricity generated in this land can be used domestically, thus reducing the monthly electricity bill. Many state governments offer incentives or interest-free loans to people who are looking to install wind turbines.
  6. Modern technology – modern wind turbines are very attractive and classy looking. They have no resemblance to those old clunky windmills that turn out to be efforts eyesore on land. There’s a massive variety of wind turbines available in the market today, based on what you’re really looking for. The advanced wind turbine technology makes it easier for most people to feasibly initiate renewable energy projects.

Wind energy is already within reach for most businesses and individual landowners. There’s no excuse why we shouldn’t use this beneficial form of energy to make the world a healthier place!


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